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Welcome to Next Page Tutoring, your prime destination for academic support and tutoring services in Fort Collins, CO! I am dedicated to helping students of all ages and abilities unlock their full potential and achieve their academic goals.

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At Next Page Tutoring, I believe that every student is unique, and that individual strengths, challenges, and learning styles should be used to optimize tutoring sessions. I am committed to providing personalized, one-on-one attention to ensure that each student receives the support and guidance they need to succeed. Whether you’re a high school student preparing for college admissions, a middle school student struggling with science, or an adult learner pursuing new career opportunities, I have the expertise and resources to meet your educational needs. I cover a wide range of subjects within the sciences as well as the important skills of time management and organization.

What sets me apart is my passion for teaching science and my commitment to fostering a love for learning. I create a supportive and engaging environment that encourages students to ask questions, think critically, and explore new ideas. I make an effort to go beyond simply explaining concepts; I try to inspire curiosity, instill confidence, and help students develop the skills and mindset for lifelong learning. At Next Page Tutoring, I understand the challenges that students face in scheduling around academics and work hours or extracurricular activities.That’s why I offer flexible scheduling options, convenient locations, and online tutoring sessions to accommodate busy schedules and varying needs.

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Katie Page, MLS

Hi there, my name is Katie Page and I want to make learning about science fun and interesting for everyone who might be struggling with the subject. I’ve always loved how human curiosity has motivated us to explore our understanding of the world around us and how science has played a large role in facilitating that understanding. Due to my passion for science, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Microbiology from Colorado State University (Go Rams!) and continued on to acquire my Medical Laboratory Science certification. I’ve consistently worked in various laboratories since 2016 and love my current role in veterinary laboratory diagnostics.

Apart from loving science, I’m an avid reader/watcher/gamer of anything and everything science fiction or fantasy. I also enjoy hiking, kayaking, crocheting, baking, board games, tabletop role playing games, and spoiling my dog.

Tutoring Online or In-person in Fort Collins, CO

Next Page Tutoring’s mission is to empower students to reach their full potential academically and beyond. Let’s take our first steps together on this educational journey and let Next Page Tutoring be your trusted partner in Fort Collins, CO. Contact me today to discuss your tutoring needs and begin moving toward academic success either online or in-person!

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