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Are you struggling with quizes, tests, or assignments? Do you love science but wish you had a greater understanding of the subject matter? Would some guidance help you reach your academic goals? Well then you’ve come to the right place! My name is Katie Page and I am a tutor in Fort Collins, CO offering services to help students master the wonderful world of science!

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Don’t wait until it’s too late to turn your grades around. Be proactive in maintaining your GPA goals, and save yourself from having to retake a class. I have years of experience and am happy to help!

I am an alumni of Colorado State University and a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist. I have a great passion for science, especially bio and mircobio, and would love to share my knowledge with students who may be struggling with their courseload, and who are willing to put in the hard work required to turn the next page in their acedemic career. Feel free to reach out with questions or to inquire about pricing. Your path to success starts here!

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Subjects That I Offer


Middle School, High School, College

Biology is the study of life, and I am happy to share my knowledge with you in order to help you master this subject. From the building blocks of cells to the Earth’s ecosystems, and everything in between.

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Middle School, High School, College

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Microbiology is the study of microorganisms. This was my minor in college and I am eager to show you the wonders of the microscopic world. Delve into the nature of bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Clinical Sciences


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Clincal sciences cover the direct application of science towards human health. Discover what laboratory tests are available to determine disease. This subject is a great building block for a successful career!

All Courses that I Cover

Colorado State University

  • LIFE 102  Attributes of Living Systems
  • LIFE 103  Biology of Organisms-Animals and Plants 
  • LIFE 205  Microbial Biology 
  • LIFE 320  Ecology
  • BZ 220  Introduction to Evolution
  • BZ 310  Cell Biology
  • BZ 311  Developmental Biology
  • BZ 350  Molecular and General Genetics
  • BMS 300  Principles of Human Physiology
  • MIP 101  Introduction to Human Disease
  • MIP 149  The Microbial World
  • MIP 260  The World of Parasites
  • MIP 300  General Microbiology
  • MIP 342  Immunology
  • MIP 351  Medical Bacteriology
  • MIP 450  Microbial Genetics
Clinical Sciences:
  • VS 331  Histology

Front Range Community College

  • BIO 1005 Science of Biology
  • BIO 1006 Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • BIO 1015 Human Genetics 
  • BIO 1111 General College Biology I 
  • BIO 1112 General College Biology II
  • BIO 2101 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 2102 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIO 2111 Cell Biology
  • BIO 2122 General College Ecology
  • BIO 2124 Genetics
  • BIO 2104 Microbiology
  • BIO 2108 General College Microbiology
Clinical Sciences:
  • HPR 1020 Phlebotomy
  • HPR 1036 Human Diseases
  • HPR 1038 Intro to Medical Terminology

Middle School & High School

Middle School Science:
  • Grades 6-8 Middle School core knowledge
  • Honors Science Classes
  • Pre-AP Science
High School Science:
  • Earth Systems Science
  • Biology (Honors, pre-AP, College Prep and AP)
  • General Chemistry
  • AP Environmental Science
  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • Cell Biology & Genetics
  • Botany, Microbiology & Zoology
  • Introduction to Health Sciences

Clinical Laboratory Science

MLT/MLS Certification Courses:
  • Hematology
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Immunology
  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Phlebotomy
  • Urinalysis
  • Immunohematology (Blood Banking)
  • Molecular Diagnostics

Why Choose Next Page Tutoring?

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I love science and so can you! My name is Katie Page and I am a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist (ASCP)CM. I have over six years of hands-on laboratory experience ranging from food microbiology to human and veterinary diagnostics. Now, I want to take what I have learned so far in my career to help those struggling in subjects that I am passionate about.

One of my interests is cognitive science or the science of learning. One size does not fit all when it comes to learning which is why I tailor my tutoring style to how each student learns best. Metacognition or thinking about thinking is an important skill I help students develop to evaluate their own knowledge and identify what they don’t understand or need to study more. I also focus on getting to know each person I tutor so that I can help motivate them to learn by relating course material to their own hobbies and interests.

Even when things seem overwhelming there is always a path forward. I am here to help you succeed and would love to hear from you about the areas in which you could use a helping hand. Don’t let your studies fall by the way side, take action and get in touch today!

Tutoring Online or In-person in Fort Collins, CO

I offer both online tutoring services via Zoom or Google Meets, as well as one-on-one or group sessions in-person here in Fort Collins, CO. Take the next step in your journey to acedemic success and contact me today!

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